Tiny Funny Women Fest 2014 took place at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis, Minn., on Jan. 4-5, 2014.

Day One

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The (Changing?) Status of Women in Improv Today with Amy Seham

“My research, published as “Whose Improv Is It Anyway?” examined race and gender in improv-comedy in the 1990s, exploring the power dynamics that relegated women to low status, stereotypic roles in many improv troupes. How are we doing in the millennium? In her blog, Femprovisor, Jill Eickmann has recently argued that women are still marginalized. At conferences where I have led workshops on “Resisting Stereotypes in Improv-Comedy”, I have heard quite a few women say they still feel excluded from the improv “boys club.” But other women are vehement in saying that there is no sexist improv, just bad improv. Some seem to tell their sisters, “stop whining and up your own game.” Is sexist improv a thing of the past? Is feminist improv needed –or even possible? Is this a generational issue? Do we still need all-female improv troupes? What do you think?”- Amy Seham, author of Whose Improv Is It Anyway

Social Hour Show

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Day Two

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Digging In and Taking Risks: Overcoming Minnesota Nice to Make Truthful Choices That Matter

Truthful choices open up a world of possibility in performance – but can also create anxiety, especially in Minnesota. This panel explores how performers find and express the truth in the choices they make, including dealing honestly with race, age, sex and culture.

This panel was moderated by Peggy Flanagan,  the executive director of Children’s Defense Fund Minnesota. Previously, she was with Wellstone Action for eight years, first as director and founder of the Native American Leadership Program and most recently as director of external affairs. Flanagan served on the Minneapolis Board of Education from 2005 to 2009, becoming the first Native American and youngest individual to serve on that body. She also serves as adjunct faculty for George Washington University’s Native American Political Leadership Program. An enrolled member of the White Earth Nation, she has been active in community and political organizing for more than a decade.

TFWF 2014 Trailblazer Award: Jenni Lilledahl

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TFWF Showcase

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