1 Deep

With scenes of chaos and joy interspersed with spontaneous interactions with her inner clown, you never know what’s going to occur. Free from limitations, Shacottha delivers an energetic improvised one-woman showcase.


A,B,B & KAnderson, Bernard, Boersma & Kuhlmann

Anderson, Bernard, Boersma & Kuhlmann is a super-group of four improvisors who’ve worked together as part of SHOW X at HUGE Theater.  Lauren Anderson is a mainstay of the Brave New Workshop mainstage, Jill Bernard has improvised on four continents and in thirty-six states, Rita Boersma is a ComedySportz legend, and Hannah Kuhlmann is best known for her extraordinary work with Splendid Things.  They join together for this one-night-only special TFWF performance.


Bitch, PleaseBitch, Please

Sugar. Spice. Everything nice. Bitch, Please. We’re a double X chromosome duo here to knock your brains around and get elbow deep in whatever rambunctiousness we’re not supposed to. Hopscotch? Easy-Bake? Bitch, Please.



ICEBOX explores what happens when crazy characters meet real-life situations in fast-paced free-form improv. Emily & Kelsey met at callbacks for ImprovBoston (Cambridge, MA) in 2011. Shortly after their comedy wedding, Kelsey moved to NYC. ICEBOX now travels between the two cities to perform for their adoring fans & work on their sketch show: Stars Without Makeup.

In the spirit of Lily Tomlin & Gilda Radner, these ladies are not afraid to get ugly. Don’t let their skirts fool you.




Ladyfriend is a three-lady improv group in the Twin Cities. We are funny, energetic, and adorable. Come see us on stage, and we will give you a show that’s as exciting as golden unicorn tears.



SWFNESecond Wave Feminist Nightmare Enclave

Second Wave Feminist Nightmare Enclave is an improv group made up of Ellen Jaquette, Hannah Wydeven, Justina Cegelski, Maria Bartholdi, and Meghan Wolff. As women in comedy and female improvisers, they don’t like to be defined by words, as they feel that words are finite whereas the power of women is infinite. While their show will be finite in time, the impact of their show will resonate through time and space and hopefully make you laugh some.

Shadow BunnyShadow Bunny

Shadow Bunny is Casey Haeg, Erin Sheppard, Mark Sweeney and Katie Vannelli. They present a fast paced, physically dynamic montage that is kind of like a firework factory catching on fire and eating too much cake on your birthday. Only with grounded ridiculousness. BOOM!


Shortcakes is a long-form trio of three best friends doing on stage what they often do behind closed doors. Things get strange. Things get kooky. Things get dancey.

Shortcakes Recipe
2 Cups Flowers
2 tablespoons Shortening
4 teaspoons Imagination
3/4 cup Friendship

Mix on low speed, Shortcakes are finished when they start hugging and refuse to let go.